Holy Smoke! What is this?

Hello reader!

By now, you are reading this post and wondering just what this blog is for! Well, let me tell you…

Hello, my name is Steve, and I am one of the hosts of The Fantasticast, your bi-weekly podcast covering every appearance of The Fantastic Four from the very beginning. Every two weeks, myself and my co-host Andrew grab an issue of The Fantastic Four, along with any other appearances from the team during the month of publication, and we go through them on the show.

One of the things we do with each issue is make notes of catchphrases and tropes that appear in the comics, most notably Johnny Storm’s signature battle-cry of ‘FLAME ON!’. At the time of writing, we have covered 20 issues of The Fantastic Four, as well as 14 issues of The Human Torch’s solo adventures in Strange Tales, 2 annuals, and a handful of other issues, and there have been 43 ‘FLAME ON’ shouts in this time.

Johnny Storm flames on, a final act of defiance towards Annihilus before his death. Taken from Fantastic Four #587. Art by Steve Epting, colours by Paul Mounts, letters by Rus Wooton.

So, I’ll be posting a panel from each of these instances, along with any other tropes we’ve been looking at, to provide illustration to our shows and to keep some sort of record of these things.

The plan is to cover one panel a day until the blog catches up with the show, and then we’ll try and cover everything on the show between episodes.

I hope you enjoy this!


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