The Fantasticast Episode Twenty-One: Powered By Hateful Hate From A Hate Raygun!

Joining Steve and Andrew today is the marvellously wonderful and hairy David Wynne, co-creator and artist of Hypergirl, creator of Ideasman, and all-round nice bloke. Oh, he also created the Fantastic-Arse joke, but we forgive him for that. David joins us to look at Fantastic Four #21, featuring the hateful Hate-Monger, Colonel Nick Fury, and a surprise guest-star on the final page. We then move onto Strange Tales #115, featuring the Sandman and… not much else.

We also introduce our new blog, Fantastic Flame On, a daily picture blog chronicling every instance of Flame On, It’s Clobberin’ Time, Asbestos, and more. Swing by the site to check it out!

Don’t forget to e-mail the show at

David Wynne can be found on twitter (@davidwynne) and tumblr (, or

Ideasman can be found at

Hypergirl can be ordered in trade paperback from here or in digital form from Comixology


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