Fantastic Four #6: Flame On 7

Fantastic Four #6, page 17, panel 6

Writer: Stan Lee

Artist: Jack Kirby

Uncredited Inker: Dick Ayers

You’d be forgiven for missing today’s ‘flame on’ utterance, tucked away at the bottom of this speech bubble. We did, back on episode 5. Whilst the idea of a catchphrase is obviously resonating with Stan, it’s not yet become something worth celebrating every time by making it the focus of the panel and letting the letters really sell it. In fact, if it wasn’t for those two words at the end of the bubble, all we’ would have here is a small panel of Johnny’s arse.

We give Johnny a fair bit of stick on the show for being, as Andrew puts it, ‘dumb as dirt’. It’s hard to think of him as anything else when he climbs out of the window into the cold vacuum of space and then gets confused when his flame goes out.

Fantastic Four #6, page 17, panel 7

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