Fantastic Four #6: Reed’s Stretchy Body 9

Fantastic Four #6, page 18, panel 5

Fantastic Four #6, page 18, panels 6-8

Fantastic Four #6, page 19, panel 1

Writer: Stan Lee

Artist: Jack Kirby

Uncredited Inker: Dick Ayers

It’s another multi-panel spectacular today. The story so far… Namor and Doctor Doom has lifted the Baxter Building into space, towed by Doom’s space-ship. Reed decides to engage in a spot of solo heroics, attempting to stretch from the roof of the Baxter Building to Doom craft to tackle the fiend.

What I like about these panels is the way that Kirby’s art really sells the struggle that Reed faces. For some reason, Reed’s powers are lessened in space, so this becomes a titanic feat for him. Look at the strain on his face in the central panel – you really believe that his stretching is painful and a real struggle for him.

And then, in the final panel, Doom does the equivalent of stamping on the fingers of a guy holding onto the edge of a cliff for real life. Superb.

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