Episode Twenty-Four – An Enfant Terrible Is Not Literally A Terrible Infant

Episode 24

No, it really isn’t.

Welcome to the twenty-fourth episode of The Fantasticast. This time around, Steve Lacey (20 Minute Longbox) and Andrew Leyland (Heykids Comics) take a look at Fantastic Four #24 (featuring the Infant Terrible) and Strange Tales #118 (featuring the return, again, of the Wizard). To our surprise, both of these issues are better than our admittedly low expectations had led us to believe.

Along the way, we read your emails, talk a bit about the imminent meeting of bodies and minds as we meet for the first time on Saturday at the Thought Bubble convention, and spend a bit of time discussing omnibuses and absolutes.

E-mail the show at fantastic4podcast@gmail.com. Check out the show’s blog at fantasticflameon.wordpress.com, with Steve’s review of Fantastic Four #1.

Listen to the episode below, or click the image above to go to the libsyn page for the episode.

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/ffcast/FF_Episode_23.mp3]

We are now available on Stitcher, both through Stitcher.com and through their app.

Send feeback to the show to fantastic4podcast@gmail.com or through the comments on this blog.


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