The Fantasticast Episode Thirty-Eight: Two Not-That-Fat Men On Fantastic Four

Episode 38

Now, you all know Steve L’s not that much of a fat man

But did you know his favourite team is the FF?

The Family who punches dirty turkeys in the face.

That’s right, True Believer, punch all those turkeys. Pun ’em in their turkey necks.

So, every two weeks this not-much-of-a-fatty’s

Gonna chat about a foursome with his good friend Andy

And these turkeys get wordy ’bout New York like it’s a real place!

He hasn’t got a wife or daughter,

Malice is loose and Reed ain’t caught her

(Go get ’em, stretchy turkey, you on a villain hunt now)

Get ready turkeys, we goin’ crazy, chattin’ ’bout the Four with Andy and Steve!

Well, that was a different way to open the show…

This week sees a slightly-shorter-than-usual episode, for a few reasons. One is we’re only covering two comics this time around. Another is that Strange Tales doesn’t have a great deal going for it. And another is that Steve’s mic was creating some pretty bad sounds, so he edited the heck out of the episode to minimise its impact.

In Fantastic Four #34, the mysterious tyrannical tycoon Gideon tries to prove his superiority by defeating the Fantastic Four, whilst Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver call in on the Baxter Building in Strange Tales #128. Oh, and Avengers #12 is covered in about 30 seconds, which may be a new podcast record…

Listen to the episode below, or click this link to go to the libsyn page for the episode.


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