The Fantasticast Episode Thirty-Nine: Amazing Spider-Man Classic


Yes, it’s been a few weeks. I’ve been busy, putting together a series of interviews from May’s London MCM Comic-Con for the 20 Minute Longbox, turning 30, and meeting Joss Whedon, Neil Gaiman and turning 30 all in the space of one fantastically geeky week. I’m behind on linking recent episodes, so I’m going to use the next few days to catch the blog up to date with this weekend’s episode, before returning to the grind of chronicling every single usage of Flame On, It’s Clobberin’ Time, and more.

First up, an episode of the show that featured no issue of Fantastic Four or Strange Tales…

Episode 39

Today, we throw the rules out of the window and staunchly refuse to read any issue of Fantastic Four or Strange Tales. Instead, guided by editors notes, we attempt to put the comics cover-dated February 1965 into some sort of continuity order.

So, we start with Amazing Spider-Man #21, co-featuring The Human Torch. It’s a three-way smackdown between Johnny Storm, Peter Parker, and Abner Jenkins. You know, The Beetle! We then briefly head over to Avengers #13 to see how the Four deal with the plans of Count Nefaria. And yes, I say Avengers #13. Unlike on the show, where Steve repeatedly says Avengers #12. Ignore him…

We also spend some time with your e-mails, and then – we’re off! We’ve split the episode into two, to prevent audio overload and to allow Steve some time to edit. So, you get weekly Fantasticast for the next couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Listen to the episode below, or click this link to go to the libsyn page for the episode.


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