The Fantasticast Episode Forty-Two: Happy Birthday To Us

Episode 42

Hello and welcome to the latest Fantasticast episode. Steve has just turned 30, and Andy has just turned a little-bit more, so it’s celebration time. Or at least it would be if we hadn’t recorded 2 weeks in advance and forgotten when this was due to be released…

This week, we look at Fantastic Four #37, as the team head into space to exact bloody vengeance upon the party responsible for the death of Dr Storm. Then, in Strange Tales #131, Johnny and Ben face off against the Mad Thinker, who has clearly been watching The Dam Busters.

If you’re looking at the image and thinking ‘gosh, that looks different’, then you’re right. Michael Georgiou – – has created a wonderful cover image for the show that you’ll see rolled out across the websites, facebook and twitter pages very soon. Then, Samuel Savage took a shot at creating an episode cover image, so we thought we’d use it. Thanks to Mike for his amazing talent, and to Sam for the episode graphic.

Listen to the episode below, or click this link to go to the libsyn page for the episode.


We are now available on Stitcher, both through and through their app.

Send feedback to the show to or through the comments on this blog.


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