The Fantasticast Episode Fifty-Six: The Startling Saga Of The Silver Surfer



Guided by The Watcher, The Human Torch ventures into sub-space to seek the only weapon useable against Galactus. Meanwhile, cowed by The Punisher, The Thing, Mr Fantastic and The Invisible Girl find themselves powerless against The Destroyer Of Worlds. Only the power of The Silver Surfer can halt Galactus’s plans to devour the Earth.

Steve and Andy, even more unable to affect the seemingly unstoppable sequence of events, have to satisfy themselves with recording a new episode of The Fantasticast, covering the 50th issue of The Fantastic Four. Do come and join us!

Steve’s currently in training for his first ever 5k run, taking place at the end of November. it’s called the Mousdashe, it’s part of Movember (you should see his Trejo-esque fuzz), and it’s supporting both the Prostate Cancer Research Centre and Rethink Mental Illness. If you’d like to support this, his donation page is:

Listen to the episode below, or click this link to go to the libsyn page for the episode.


We are now available on Stitcher, both through and through their app.

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One Response to “The Fantasticast Episode Fifty-Six: The Startling Saga Of The Silver Surfer”

  1. davidpardoe2013 Says:

    Hi Guys,
    Loving the show and am amost caught up, at which point I intend to send you a long rambling e-mail. However I felt I must comment about Scott Lang’s use of the Ultimate Nullifier in FF13.

    Whilst Steve says that Scott uses the Nullifier to threaten the Watcher, my reading of the book was that Scott did not have the Nullifier Ulitmate, but just some random Kirbytech (call it a spoon) that he says is the Nullifier and the Watcher goes along with the gag so that he has plausible deniability if anyone checks the surveillance tapes for signs of Uatu interfering (not that he ever does that).

    My evidence for this is that Scott cuts off Uatu every time he says “But that’s…[only a spoon]” and then Uatu does the same when his girlfriend makes the same objection.

    Reading it this way was the icing on the cake of the funniest issue of FF so far, with the best ever use of the Red Ghost(s) and his Stupid-Apes too.

    Keep up the good work guys and I hope someday you will reach this issue and cover it in your usual serious and clean manner (maybe a Very Speical Christmas Episode?)


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