The Fantasticast Episode Fifty-Eight: Introducing The Sensational Black Panther


We’ve been back in, re-tooled, and fixed the audio, so if you grabbed one of the episodes where Andy and I were about 5 seconds out of synch, jump back and grab one that makes (marginally more) sense when you listen to it!

We’re back, re-recorded and 100% kinder on your ears than the original episode would have been. This time around, Steve and Andy get to grips with the introduction of the first black superhero, The Black Panther. Will this be a measured and respectful look at tribal life in another country, or will we get caught up in hideously inappopriate and dated stereotypes? The answer lies within.

We also launch our new Listener Question Of The Month. if you responded to our last question, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about it. We’ll be looking at all the feedback collected from this in next week’s episode as we review your favourite under-rated Fantastic Four stories.

All this, and the first adventure of the incredible Doctor Spynazi!

Click on this link to go to the libsyn page for this episode, or listen below.

[audio FF_Episode_58.mp3]

One Response to “The Fantasticast Episode Fifty-Eight: Introducing The Sensational Black Panther”

  1. Here’s the image of the musical instrument hidden on the cover of #52 that you guys may have missed. Enjoy!

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