The Fantasticast Episode 72: Fantastic Four #63 – Blastarr, The Living Bomb-Burst



BLAST It, I Need A Funny Subtitle

Episode #72 of The Fantasticast is here, ready to BLAST you with a BLAST of audio goodness, BLASTing from your speaker/headphones into your non-BLAST-proof ears! BLAST BLAST BLAST! (Have you guessed that this week’s villain is BLASTarr yet?)

Steve Lacey and Andy Leyland are here to continue guiding you through the Fantastic Four from the very beginning, this week looking at Fantastic Four #63, featuring a mighty team-up between the Sandman and Blastarr. Along the way, we discover some words that Stan may or may not have made up, we get totally awesomed by Jack’s use of forced perspective, and we come across our first ever column from Stan “The Man” Lee – Stan’s Soapbox.

Click on this link to go to the libsyn page for this episode, or listen below.

[audio FF_Episode_72.mp3]

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