Fantastic Four #21: Reed’s Stretchy Body 51

Fantastic Four #21, page 15, panels 2-3

Fantastic Four #21, page 15, panels 2-3

Written by: Stan Lee

Drawn by: Jack Kirby

Inked by: George Bell

Lettered by: Art Simek

It’s going to be ‘Reed’s Stretchy Body’ week, as we showcase Mr Fantastic’s impressive one-man assault on the nation of San Gusto and the forces of the Hate Monger. As for how the Hate Monget gets his forces to San Gusto… Well, you’re best off listening to the episode for an attempt at explaining the reverse rocket thrust subterranean travelling device…

Anyway, I just love the comedy of these two panels, although I have to wonder just who designed the missile carriage system  to allow the missiles to come off so easily that Reed’s arms don’t even travel with the plane briefly…

Check out our coverage of Fantastic Four #21 on our twenty-first episode: Powered By Hateful Hate From A Hate Raygun, with special guest host David Wynne.


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