Fantastic Four #25: Hulk vs The Thing Round 3.4

Fantastic Four #25, page 17, panel 3

Fantastic Four #25, page 17, panel 3

Sensational Story by: Stan Lee

Astonishing Art by: Jack Kirby

Incredible Inking by: George Roussos

Lighthearted Lettering by: S. Rosen

How could I resist posting a panel featuring the Hulk bouncing across the water to chase the Thing, who is driving a speedboat?

I also get to talk about Stan and/or Jack’s rather liberal and unorthodox interpretation of the concept of surface tension. I’m sure we’re all aware of this concept, caused by the water molecules on the surface being pulled downwards by bonds with other molecules, causing some internal pressure and resulting in the water pushing against any force levied against it. Small insects are able to use this pressure to ‘walk on water’, their low body mass able to be counteracted by the surface tension.

The Hulk, however, is not a small insect, and certainly does not have low body mass. He is, therefore, very unlikely to be able to hop across the water as shown above.

Check out our coverage of Fantastic Four #25 on our twenty-fifth episode: It’ll Be Our Little Secret, with special guest-host Michael Bailey


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