Fantastic Four #26: It’s… ASBESTOS!!! 23

Fantastic Four #26, page 4, panel 3

Fantastic Four #26, page 4, panel 3

Unforgettably Written In The Grand Manner by: Stan Lee

Powerfully Drawn In The Heroic Manner by: Jack Kirby

Inked by: George Roussos

Lettered by: Art Simek

This is an exceedingly well-equipped hospital. As well as the asbestos screens, they also have a supply of asbestos pajamas, just in case they have a patient who can’t stop being on fire.

Seriously, other than the possible risk of the Human Torch being admitted, why on earth would they be spending money on such a completely impractical and unnecessary piece of clothing?

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One Response to “Fantastic Four #26: It’s… ASBESTOS!!! 23”

  1. Well, in fairness, given that at this point in the run, the torch seems to be incapable of flaming off in casual situations, some asbestos pyjamas aren’t the stupidest investment a New York hospital could make. (Leaving aside the not very positive effect on health.)

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