Listener Question: Your Listener Questions

If you’ve caught up with our most recent episode, you’ll have heard us run through your answers to our most recent Listener Question. If you haven’t listened to the latest episode, why not? Go listen now!

Now that we’re all on the same page, we’ve launched a new Listener Questions. Sort of…

Instead of posing a question to our listeners and asking for responses, we’ve decided to mix things up a bit for the next few weeks. We want you to send us your questions for us to answer.

The questions can be on anything. Fantastic Four-related, comics related, questions about ourselves (although we’ll politely decline to answer any questions that get too personal). We’d like to have a few in the bag for our 100th episode, only a few short weeks away, and we’ll and answer a couple every episode as well until we launch our next question.

Please send your questions to or leave them in the comments below.

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