Listener Question: Your Listener Questions (We’re Begging Now…)

Hey folks,

This Tuesday, we’ll be recording our 100th episode, and we really want your questions for us. As you’re probably aware by now, we’ve switched our listener questions around, and instead of asking you one question, we’d like you to ask us questions.

They can be on anything – Fantastic Four, comics, geekery, us, or anything else. We’ll veto anything too personal, but other than that, the floor is completely open.

Send your questions in to us to our e-mail address – – leave them in the comments below, or drop them to us on twitter, where we are @fantasticast.

One Response to “Listener Question: Your Listener Questions (We’re Begging Now…)”

  1. What has surprised you the most about the first 85 issues of Fantastic Four, and have you enjoyed them as much as you thought you would?

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