Fantastic Four #27: Reed’s Stretchy Body 72

Fantastic Four #27, page 20, panel 5

Fantastic Four #27, page 20, panel 5

Presented by the most talked-about team in comics: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, author and illustrator extraordinary

Inked by: George Roussos

Lettered by: S. Rosen

The inventiveness continues. One of the joys of revisiting this issue panel-by-panel has been to see the sheer number of different ways in which Kirby manages to visually depict Reed’s stretching powers. As we can see, Reed has made a bow from his body, and that visual is really strong.

So, let’s thanks Stan’s penchant for over-writing for working against the art here. We really don’t need Namor and Reed narrating this panel – it’s obvious that it’s a bow, and that Namor is going to be the arrow. It’s a shame – with two small dialogue balloons instead of three overwritten ones, this would be a really great panel.

Check out our coverage of Fantastic Four #27 on our thirtieth episode: Horny Namor


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