Strange Tales #122: It’s… ASBESTOS 27

Strange Tales #122, page 7, panels 1-2

Strange Tales #122, page 7, panels 1-2

Rapidly written by Stan Lee

Speedily sketched by Dick Ayers

Instantly inked by Geo. Bell

Lazily lettered by S. Rosen

Some ideas are so crazy, you assume that they’ll stick with you for a long time. I remember asbestos lassos, and asbestos sheet, but for the life of me, I have no memory of reading a comic featuring an asbestos-lined caravan. (Yes, I know the dialogue refers to it as a trailer. But it looks suspiciously like the exact caravan we were bundled into every summer by my Dad, and that would get destroyed on a weekly basis in early seasons of Top Gear).

It’s a wonderfully crazy idea. Not only have the Terrible Trio got hold of asbestos rope and asbestos blankets, but somehow they’ve managed to get hold of some kind of easily-applicable asbestos lining. I like to imagine that it was something similar to sheets of vinyl, and they spent ages with credit cards trying to smooth the air pockets to the edge of the sheet. And failing, because let’s face it, the Terrible Trio are completely terrible.

The worst.

Check out our coverage of Strange Tales #122 on our thirty-first episode: Just Three Of The Guys, with special guest-host Shawn Engel.


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