Strange Tales #122: It’s… ASBESTOS!!! 28

Strange Tales #122, page 11, panel 1

Strange Tales #122, page 11, panel 1

Rapidly written by Stan Lee

Speedily sketched by Dick Ayers

Instantly inked by Geo. Bell

Lazily lettered by S. Rosen

I can’t work out if Stan Lee is, at this point, just taking the piss with his dialogue. A grey door does not signify that it’s made from asbestos, and considering all Bull does with the door is wield it threateningly, it’s hard to imagine how asbestos would have made any difference to the offensive properties of the door – namely, that it’s really big and hard and would hurt if he whacked someone with it.

As for what exactly an automatic water cannon is, I’m completely lost. Although, as the man in the brown suit is struggling to turn it on, it can’t be that automatic…

Check out our coverage of Strange Tales #122 on our thirty-first episode: Just Three Of The Guys, with special guest-host Shawn Engel.


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