Fantastic Four #29: Property Damage 27

Fantastic Four #29, page 6, panel 2

Fantastic Four #29, page 6, panel 2

Fantastic Four #29: Property Damage 27

Written with a dash of greatness by: Stan Lee

Drawn with a hint of glory by: Jack Kirby

Inked with a touch of drama by: Chic Stone

Lettered with a bottle of india ink by: S. Rosen

Hi, Ben. we need to talk. We understand that it’s been difficult for you in the past few years, what with the transformation, the fact that it’s my fault, that my wife fiancee girlfriend whatever this is goaded you into flying the ship, the endless teasing of regaining of your human form. We get that you can’t walk down the street without attracting attention, that you’ll only truly be good at hide and seek in the Colorado desert, and the only clothing that really fits is your trunks.

But that was a really nice table, man. Really nice. It was well-varnished, it was over a hundred years old, and it was blue. Do you know just how difficult it was to find a blue, antique table? About as hard as finding yellow paint that makes the walls and floor seem like one depth-less plane! You need to do something about your anger…

Check out our coverage of Fantastic Four #29 on our thirty-second episode: Now With Genuine People Personalities


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