Strange Tales #123: Flamin’ ‘Eck 47

Strange Tales #123, page 8, panel 7

Strange Tales #123, page 8, panel 7

Fantasticast Four #29:

Written by: Stan Lee (‘Nuff Said)

Illustrated by: Carl Burgos (Who was first to draw The Torch, way back in the Golden Age of Comics)

Inked by: Darlin’ Dick Ayers

Lettered by: Smilin’ Sam Rosen

We’re currently recording episodes covering Fantastic Four comics from 1972. Strange Tales is long-gone, and despite the wildly inconsistent quality of Stan Lee’s writing during his brief return to the title, a lot of the tropes from the early days of the Fantastic Four are no longer relevant. Whilst I may miss the ridiculous usage of asbestos, I really don’t miss the implausible uses of Johnny’s powers.

Thankfully nothing in the Air Walker saga is as insane as Johnny deciding to wrap The Beetle in a blanket made of fire to heat him up as opposed to, say, just hurling fire at him. Nice to see that the colouring appears to have been done in felt-tip as well…

Check out our coverage of Strange Tales #123 on our thirty-second episode: Now With Genuine People Personalities


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