Strange Tales #124: Flamin’ ‘Eck 50

Strange Tales #124, page 3, panel 1

Strange Tales #124, page 3, panel 1

Strange Tales #124: Flamin’ ‘Eck 50

Written by: Smilin’ Stan Lee

Illustrated by: Darlin’ Dick Ayers

Inked by: Peerless P. Reinman

Lettered by: Adorable Art Simek

As we make our way through the final 10-or-so issues of Johnny Storm’s solo adventures in Strange Tales, we’re going to see logic (not a quality seen in abundance, admittedly) become scarcer and scarcer. Here’s a good example of a panel which should never have been drawn, and which should have been picked up by anyone involved in the creative process from the penciling onwards.

Having had half of his house destroyed by The Thing’s refusal to use the front door, Johnny then decides to some on-the-spot spot-welding to repair the damage. So, he uses his intense heat and flame to repair his very obviously wooden house.

Check out our coverage of Strange Tales #124 on our thirty-third episode: Bad Horse, Bad Horse, with special guest host David Walker


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