Strange Tales #124: It’s… ASBESTOS!!! 30

Strange Tales #124, page 10, panel 6

Strange Tales #124, page 10, panel 6

Strange Tales #124: It’s… ASBESTOS!!! 30

Written by: Smilin’ Stan Lee

Illustrated by: Darlin’ Dick Ayers

Inked by: Peerless P. Reinman

Lettered by: Adorable Art Simek

You can probably tell I’ve got a big grin on my face whilst creating this post. I’m a huge fan of ridiculous uses of asbestos in 1960s Fantastic Four comics, and the suggestion that Paste Pot Pete has mixed asbestos with his paste to create a fireproof, quick-setting adhesive is completely ludicrous. I mean, for a start, there’s a very good chance that the smothering effect of the paste alone renders the need for a fireproof material null and void. And let’s not talk about the logistics of mixing a fibrous substance into a viscous liquid without further reducing its viscosity.

Check out our coverage of Strange Tales #124 on our thirty-third episode: Bad Horse, Bad Horse, with special guest host David Walker


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