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The Fantasticast Episode 78: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #4 – The Web And The Flame

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The Ayn Rand Simile Or Metaphor Theme Song

Annual season continues and concludes here at the Fantasticast. Steve and Andy get to grips with Amazing Spider-Man Annual #4, featuring the latest team-up between the Human Torch and Spider-Man. Memories of Strange Tales Annual #2 are lingering, and with irrelevant villains, forced conflict, and leaps in storytelling logic so vast even Evel Knievel would think twice before leaping across them, there’s good reason for these to linger.

For, hidden underneath the surprisingly good artwork of Larry Lieber, is a Strange Tales story in all but name.

This decpetion has put Steve in a particularly bad mood, and he puts this bad mood to good use this episode. He also uses it to respond to listener e-mails, in a very angry feedback session. Sorry about that…

Click on this link to go to the libsyn page for this episode, or listen below.

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