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The Fantasticast Episode Thirty – Horny Namor ( #hornyNamor )

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Episode 30


It’s the 30th episode of The Fantasticast, and our first episode of 2013.

To kick off the new year, we start with one of the longest running plot threads in the Fantastic Four – that love triangle between Sue Storm, Reed Richards, and Namor the Sub-Mariner. It’s time to wrap this plot up and put it to bed, and Fantastic Four #27 almost does that. We also say goodbye to inker George Roussos, and sadly he’s not leaving on a high…

Then it’s over to Strange Tales #121 and the highly-anticipated dreaded return of The Plant Man, before taking a fast dip into Daredevil #2 to see how a guest appearance by Marvel’s First Family helps or hinders the second issue of this troubled title. We end with a song and a new closing tag.

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